About our tradition

In 1899 Rosario Di Bartolo founded Di Bartolo S.r.l.
A second-generation entrepreneur manufacturing citrus products, Rosario was attracted to nut processing and started to penetrate this market sector.
Today Di Bartolo S.r.l. is a third-generation company because Mr. Rosario has been joined by his children: Carmelo (Buyer and Sales Manager), Cristina (Administrative and Financial
anager), and Valeria (Marketing Manager).

Made in Italy

A company staking on the enhancement of Sicilian produce, such as pistachio nuts, Etna hazelnuts, Alcantara Valley walnuts, Val di Noto almonds and Sicilian citrus fruits.
The company processes fresh fruits and nuts into top-quality semi-finished products for the food industry, making chopped nuts, flours, butters, spreads, concentrated juices, essential oils and candied fruits. The company philosophy is based on rigorous and conscientious self-inspection and quality policies (HACCP) Uni-En ISO9001:2008. In addition, for marketing purposes Di Bartolo products have received the following certifications: Kosher, Halal, Organic, Avola Almond Consortium and PDO Bronte Green Pistachio.

Our tradition

Di Bartolo S.r.l. is a third generation company, as Mr. Rosario was joined by his children: Carmelo (Buyer and Sales Manager), Cristina (Administrative and Financial Manager) and Valeria (Marketing Manager).
We are a family business whose core mission is that of exploiting the nearby indigenous landraces: Sicilian pistachios, hazelnuts from Mt. Etna, walnuts from the Alcantara Valley, and almonds from the Noto Valley.


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