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PO FESR Sicily 2014/2020 – PRIORITY AXIS 3

ACTION 3.4.2 – “Incentives for the purchase of internationalization support services”


Project carried out under the Operational Program PO FESR Sicilia 2014/2020

CUP G15C20000130007

TARGET MARKETS: Europe, Japan and Russia


– Identify distributors and/or organized distribution chains in the food sector in Europe and Japan;

– Increase foreign market shares;

– Enhance the company’s products by highlighting the quality and the production territories.


– Participation in trade fairs;

– Promotion through BtoB activities;

– Website adjustment;

– Promotion through Digital Marketing activities;

– Consulting activities.


– Strengthened the presence of the company in the target markets;

– Acquired new business contacts;

– Improved knowledge of the commercial system in the target markets;

– Improved the organizational capacity and skills of the company staff with respect to internationalization actions;

– Improved the promotion of the company on the web, useful for reaching all the reference markets.

The company, already operating on international markets, through the Italian Quality Ingredients project, and in line with the PRINT of the Sicilian Region, contributes by the year 2023 to increase the percentages of exports of Sicilian products on foreign markets, the number of relationships and in general the networking of Sicilian companies abroad, indirectly favouring regional development.