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The Val di Noto, between the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, is the area where the Pizzuta di Avola almond is grown.


With a hard and smooth shell, an elongated and flattened shape, therefore called “pizzuta”, and a dark red colour, the Avola Almond is characterized by being drier than other known varieties. In fact, the plant from which it is born is not irrigated and therefore has less chance of being attacked by fungi, which are instead the plague of other cultivars.


It is made up of 90% polyunsaturated fats, Omega, and monounsaturated fats and has a higher concentration of vitamin E than any other almond on the market, which makes it the fruit par excellence for anti-aging treatments. Natural anti-inflammatory, rich in nutritional principles, it is the main element of high quality pastry making and, considering the nutritional principles, for the creation of vegetable milk and vegan and functional nutrition.


It is still traditionally harvested by hand, by shaking, with canes, and dried in the sun for two or three days.