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Nata in Sicilia nel 1951 l’Azienda Di Bartolo S.r.l. oggi un punto di riferimento nel settore dei semilavorati alimentari e per chi cerca soluzioni ingredientistiche versatili e di qualità


A symbol of the city of Bronte, in the province of Catania, the Bronte pistachio differs from pistachios grown in other parts of Sicily because of its shape, colour and properties. DOP (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) certified by the European Union in 2009, it has a high market value, which is why it is also known as “Green gold”.


This delicious fruit is only grown near volcanic soils in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla. The soil in these areas, which is rich in nutrients and nutritional elements, and the variable climate, characterised by significant fluctuations in temperature, give the “Pistacchio di Bronte DOP” an elongated appearance and sweet flavour. These fruits also stand out for being bright purple on the outside and emerald green on the inside due to their high chlorophyll content.


It is considered a precious fruit, especially for its organoleptic properties, as it is rich in nutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids, which regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. In fact, the World Health Organisation recommends consuming up to 30 g of pistachios a day.


The semi-finished product is suitable for all types of processing. Mainly used in the confectionery and ice-cream industry for chopped nuts, pastes and creams, its delicate and aromatic taste brings out the flavour of any creation.


Harvesting takes place only once every two years in order to debud the tree and let it rest, and is still done by hand.
Experienced local workers climb up steep slopes, shake the branches to pick the fruits and put them in special containers strapped to their chests.