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Di Bartolo has stood for innovation and quality in the production of ingredients for the food industry since 1951.

It has always been committed to researching and experimenting with unique and versatile products and is now a leading global player in the gelato, bakery, beverage and confectionery sectors.

Thanks to the extensive range of ingredients offered, including pastes, chopped nuts, juices, essential oils, flavourings, candied fruit and vegan variegates, each creation is absolutely unique.

Di Bartolo consistently promotes excellent regional ingredients by actively working with certified local producers, from whom it purchases Bronte pistachios, Avola almonds, and Sicilian citrus fruits. While maintaining the high quality standards it is known for, it also processes raw materials, which are sourced worldwide, and transforms them into premium quality ingredients that are used to produce vegetable drinks, creams, gelato and recipes for the confectionery industry.

Di Bartolo Srl operates in a dynamic global market, providing companies in the food industry with a tailor-made service in order to support customers in every stage of developing new products.
This is exactly why Di Bartolo is the ideal partner for companies seeking customised, high-quality ingredients that meet the market’s changing needs.